One Day, I Will Stop Falling in Love with Him, but not Today.

3 min readJun 5, 2023

One day, I will stop falling in love with you
Some day, someone will like me like I like you

Laufey is a genius. She wrote a song that most people could relate to. Oh, but then, spring comes to my mind. I know a genius, too. And he’s celebrating his birthday, today.

So, should we read a story about his never-ending charms for celebrating his birthday?

There is a saying in my favorite book — When Breath Becomes Air — about human knowledge. It is said that human knowledge is never contained in one person. It did not take that much time for me to agree with that. But I would say that was only the prolog. The next sentence slapped me real hard.

Human knowledge is never contained in one person. It grows from the relationship we create between each other and the world; it still needs to be completed.

But the thing is, sometimes, we find someone who seems knowing — almost — everything.

Oh, wait.

Not fully knowing about everything, but, ya, almost everything. Or maybe it is just a metaphor because I am falling too deep and haven’t found the right word to describe him. Idk.

A genius that I know always reminds me of the word kindness. I noticed that because he dislikes adding shit to other people’s lives. Instead, he will come with his voice and sing in a language different from mine.

I’ve seen him directly twice, and still, my phone doesn’t do it justice. How do I say it, pieces of his existence that stick to my heart? It’s just something about him that screams warmth. Maybe someone raised him right — or he’s just that kind of person that brings so much warmth to many people, only with his existence. Again, idk.

Then again, I remembered that his name stands for the one that gives us warmth during the day; the sun.

Wah, I will fall for him even more after I finish this little birthday gift.

He’s been having trouble with his sleeping schedule. It is not easy for him to have a good sleep. But, instead of wishing for a sound sleep only for himself, he would also be hoping for a good sleep for his beloved ones.

See? This won’t be good. As I said before, I might fall for him even more.

But then again, the world differs from the fiction I write in my medium.

So, one day, I will stop falling in love with him, but not today. And if I do, one thing that I know for sure,

I am glad that I bumped into him.

And the good news is, I’m not the only person who felt that. So, I guess the sun really gives warmth to the people who need it. Cool, isn’t it?

Happy birthday, Lee Haechan.

Semoga enam juni yang kedua puluh tiga kalinya ini menghadirkan rupa-rupa harapan baik yang nantinya berubah menjadi kenyataan.